Effective September 30, 2023, The Art Institutes system of schools will be permanently closed.

This information is provided to assist students or graduates from the following Art Institutes locations.
•迈阿密国际艺术大学 & Design 
•奥斯汀十大菠菜靠谱平台(Art Institute of Austin),休斯顿十大菠菜靠谱平台的分支机构 

•达拉斯十大菠菜靠谱平台(Art Institute of Dallas),迈阿密国际艺术大学的一个分校 & Design
•休斯顿十大菠菜靠谱平台的分支机构圣安东尼奥十大菠菜靠谱平台(Art Institute of San Antonio)  
•坦帕十大菠菜靠谱平台(Art Institute of Tampa),迈阿密国际艺术大学的一个分校 & Design •弗吉尼亚海滩十大菠菜靠谱平台(Art Institute of Virginia Beach),亚特兰大十大菠菜靠谱平台的分支机构

Transcript requests  

To ensure that all current students including those on approved leaves of absences receive the necessary academic records required for possible transfer of credit to other institutions, The Art Institutes will mail each current student five official copies of their transcripts, 在10月1日或之后,学生无需付费, 2023.  Students who do not have current mailing addresses on file may experience a delay in receipt of the transcripts or may not receive their transcripts during this one and only mailing.    

国家学生信息中心提供24/7在线成绩单订购. 每个成绩单申请都有费用(不同).  这是获得封闭的十大菠菜靠谱平台校园成绩单的唯一途径. 点击这里索取你的成绩单.


我们鼓励你到另一所学校完成学业.  The Art Institutes are working with numerous partners to facilitate student transfers.  Transfer means you may be able to use the academic credits you have earned at The Art Institute toward the completion of a similar or different program of study at another school. 如果你对完成学业和获得学位感兴趣, 我们希望您经常访问本网站, z7bc8.ipixsmedia.com,并将在确定调动机会后更新.


补发文凭可通过注册处获得. 这是获得文凭的唯一途径. Please email [email protected] to request a copy.

1098-T -问题和重要信息

1098T Forms will be mailed to students for 2023 on or before the IRS deadline of January 31, 2024.  当表格可用时,其他说明将在这里更新.  有关《十大菠菜靠谱平台》的资料, as well as additional resources to assist you in understanding higher education tax incentives visit: http://heartland.ecsi.net/index.main.html#/access/FAQtaxDocuments#understanding1098TForm.

State Resources


Florida State Approving Agency for  Florida students receiving VA education benefits. Please see  http://floridavets.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/FDVA-Notification-for-Art-Institute-Students_10-4-23.pdf

德州高等教育协调委员会 http://reportcenter.highered.texas.gov /培训材料/ tx-locations-of-the-art-institutes / 


If you need assistance from the Department of Education, please reach out to them at http://studentaid.gov/feedback-center

The United States Department of Education (USDOE) has created a webpage to assist students whose institution has closed. 参见“你的学校关闭了吗?? webpage. 



The Art Institutes have entered into formal transfer and/or articulation agreements with the following institutions that are ready to assist students complete their education.  请注意,有些课程既提供校内课程,也提供在线课程,  which can provide opportunities to continue working toward your degree without relocating.    

签订协议的学校. 按字母顺序排列.

艺术大学学院 艺术大学学院  has over 120 art and design degree options and your transfer credits can open the door to fulfilling your art and design career. 

Barry University
巴里大学提供个性化服务, values-based education centered on experiential learning gives students the tools and real-world experience that transforms concepts into impact and produces graduates who are leaders in solving society’s critical challenges. Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) 


佛罗里达国际大学,卓别林酒店学院 & Tourism Management
  • 比斯坎湾校区,北迈阿密,佛罗里达州
  • 在线和地面十大菠菜靠谱平台
  • 酒店管理理学学士学位
  • 说明会:十月十九日下午三时.m. 或11月16日星期四下午3点.m.  Register Here 
  • 联系人:Dawn Fagnan,大学招聘副主任.  安排约会.  

Helms College
  • 乔治亚州的梅肯和奥古斯塔
  • 烹饪艺术课程,只提供证书,文凭,和副学士学位
  • Ai学生入学考试免试
  • Website:  http://www.helms.edu/ 


  • 南海滩、佛罗里达迈阿密、纽约市、在线等全球校区 
  • Ai转账网站:  http://www.nyfa.edu/art-institutes-transfer-to-nyfa/ 
  • Application fee, 推荐信, Ai转让不受创意组合要求的限制
  • 本科课程的可转学选项
    Ai电脑动画(BFA)到NYFA 3D动画与视觉效果(BFA)
    Ai数码电影制作 & 视频制作(BFA)到NYFA电影制作(BFA)
    Ai Digital Photography or  Digital Image Management (Diploma) to NYFA  Photography (Certificate)
    Ai Game Art & 从设计(BFA)到NYFA游戏设计(BFA)
    Ai Media Arts & 动画(BFA)到NYFA 3D动画和视觉效果(BFA)
  • 研究生课程的可转移性选择
    Ai Visual Arts (MFA)
  • Students from all programs are encouraged to inquire about transferability into NYFA programs.

Piedmont University
  • Piedmont University is a residential campus nestled in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains. Founded in 1897, Piedmont is a comprehensive liberal arts institution offering a variety of career-oriented majors in the arts and sciences, business, education, and nursing.
  • 在佐治亚州Demorest的校园教学中 
  • 欢迎视频来自皮埃蒙特文理学院院长 http://drive.google.com/file/d/1tMv5IWaHbNom1RGmnHHsgkbhkGfxJLiv/view?usp=sharing 
  • 提供的虚拟传输会话.  有关日期和时间,请联系:  [email protected] or [email protected]  
  • Website:   http://www.piedmont.edu/academics/
  • 没有申请费或注册费
  • 为十大菠菜靠谱平台学生开发的学位完成计划.


  • 落基山艺术与设计学院 (RMCAD) is available to help Art Institute students as they start making decisions on next steps!  This year, RMCAD自豪地庆祝建校60周年, 在我们历史悠久的校园里呆了20年, 10多年来一直是在线学习领域的领导者.  卓越的学生支持服务
  • 从任何地方学习-在线和校园课程可用!
  • 机构和国家认证
  • 可负担的学费+每学期1500美元的转学奖学金给符合条件的学生.
  • Ai学生网站:   http://www.rmcad.edu/admissions/art-institute-transfers/ 
  • 联系招生代表, 拨打1-800-888-2787,选择选项1, 或访问信息页面填写联系表格.
  • 具有直接可转移性的程序. 
Ai Game Art & 设计(BFA)到RMCAD游戏美术(BFA)
Ai Graphic & 网页设计(BFA),平面设计或网页设计
Ai Media Arts & 动画(BFA)到RMCAD 2D动画(BFA), 3D Animation (BFA), 或插图-概念艺术集中(BFA)
  • 目前正在攻读副学士学位的十大菠菜靠谱平台学生, certificate, 有资格申请RMCAD的BFA.

  • 弗吉尼亚海滩,弗吉尼亚州
  • Website: http://www.vwu.edu/ 
  • VWU offers Ai related programs including Media and Communication (BA) and Music Production (BA Online).


Additional schools that have established protocols or specific resources for Ai students in lieu of a formal agreements follow.    请注意,有些课程既提供校内课程,也提供在线课程,  which can provide opportunities to continue working toward your degree without relocating.    

独立十大菠菜靠谱平台协会 & Design (AICAD) provided the following background and transfer possibilities with several of its member institutions:

“We [AICAD] are a non-profit consortium of leading arts and design institutions across the US and Canada.  而十大菠菜靠谱平台并不是我们财团的成员, we wanted to assist impacted students who may be looking for an appropriate institution at which to continue and complete their studies. Many of our member institutions have dedicated transfer admissions counselors at the ready to assist impacted students”.

查看AICAD提供的学校列表, 招生联系人姓名和电子邮件, 以及这些学校为Ai学生提供的特殊资源, please visit: 

Brazosport College

  • 位于乔治亚州的莫罗市,服务于亚特兰大大都会地区. 
  • Ai学生网站:  亚特兰大学生十大菠菜靠谱平台的下一波-克莱顿州立大学.  该站点提供流程资源和详细信息, as well as lists “crosswalks” of programs offered by CSU that programmatically align with the prior academic offerings of the Art Institute. 
  • 推荐克莱顿州立大学的专业供前艾学生考虑 
Ai音频制作(BA)专业的学生可以考虑CSU Film Production,  传播与媒体研究,  跨学科研究
数字电影制作和视频制作(AA, BFA)可以考虑CSU Film Production,  舞台与银幕,跨学科研究
爱数码摄影(AA, BFA)的学生可以考虑CSU 传播与媒体研究, Film Production, 跨学科研究
Ai Fashion Marketing & 管理学(BA)的学生可以考虑CSU 跨学科研究 (minor in Marketing)
游戏艺术与设计(BFA)专业的学生可以考虑CSU Computer Science (游戏设计专注或 跨学科研究
Ai Graphic & 网页设计(AA, BA)的学生可以考虑CSU 传播与媒体研究 or  跨学科研究
Ai Illustration & 设计专业(BFA)的学生可以考虑CSU 跨学科研究 (minor in Art)
Ai Media Arts & 动画(BFA)的学生可以考虑CUS Film Production  or 传播与媒体研究

Dallas College 


LaGrange College
  • Website:  http://www.lagrange.edu/index.html 
  • Transfer Information Sessions:联络Austin Wieland ([email protected]
  • On campus instruction; Online credit may be accepted; all instruction takes place in person. 
  • 没有申请费或注册费 
  • 联络Austin Wieland ([email protected])进行虚拟传输信息会话. 个人预约与艺术与设计学院可以安排. 


Lone Star 

Nossi College of Art & Design

Sessions College

  • Norfolk, Virginia 
  • 提供类似Ai烹饪艺术课程的副学士学位, Digital Media, Graphic Design, 摄影媒体艺术, Studio Arts, and others.  
  • 批准对即将毕业的留学生免除居住要求.
  • To connect with a TCC staff and receive more information about the Ai transfer options, 请填写资料表格:  十大菠菜靠谱平台信息  

  • Athens, GA
  • Audio Production 
  • Website: www.tweedrecording.com  Contact the school through the Ai student pop-up on the website or email Admissions directly at [email protected] 
  • 奖学金提供给符合条件的十大菠菜靠谱平台学生

Closed Locations

The following Art Institutes campuses and all of their respective branch campuses are permanently closed as of September 30, 2023.

  • 迈阿密国际艺术大学 & Design 
  • 亚特兰大十大菠菜靠谱平台
  • 奥斯汀十大菠菜靠谱平台,休斯顿十大菠菜靠谱平台的一个分支 
  • 达拉斯十大菠菜靠谱平台,迈阿密国际艺术大学的分支机构 & Design
  • 休斯顿十大菠菜靠谱平台
  • 圣安东尼奥十大菠菜靠谱平台,休斯顿十大菠菜靠谱平台的一个分支  
  • 坦帕十大菠菜靠谱平台,迈阿密国际艺术大学的分支机构 & Design
  • 弗吉尼亚海滩十大菠菜靠谱平台,亚特兰大十大菠菜靠谱平台的一个分支

请浏览DHEC 关闭学校资料页 如果你在其他十大菠菜靠谱平台就读的话..